As a leader, you can afford to be uncertain. 
You cannot afford to be unclear. 
Clarity and flexibility get leaders throughout uncertain times.

Andy Stanley


When asked to describe me a friend of mine once said, "Pam has been mature since before she was born." I think this might account for me starting my first company when I was 5-years-old. Well that and these three traits: 1) I'm naturally a doer and a how person, 2) continuous improvement is my jam, and 3) I'm saving nothing for the next life. I know how to get things done, I love helping others accomplish their goals and dreams, and I show up to make it better. Every. Day.



I know how to lead diverse teams, manage complex projects, handle challenging timelines, and get everyone to deliver on-time.


I have built businesses and I've helped found nonprofits, but my favorite thing is creating environments where people grow and thrive.

Strategic Planning

I can help you get your vision off the page, out of committees, and into the real-world with concrete steps to move you forward.

Creative Direction

I can translate your ideas from concept to deliverable and I speak both designer and bottom-line fluently.


Whenever I was like, "LET'S DO THIS BIG THING" you always rose to the occasion, even if you were throwing darts at a photo of me in your office. You recommit to excellence all the time and I love it!

David Gill

Convo me

Email, text, or tweet — take your pick.  Call me old-school, but I'm a girl who likes a written introduction.

St. Louis, MO, USA



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